Be Present: The best gift for yourself and others too!

Wed, June 27
6am Yoga

My tootsies were better today and I thoroughly enjoyed the class being able to mostly do all the chattarungas. For some reason I kept thinking in class today about the story Amy told us on Saturday about Yoga Lounge’s latest client. She is an 84-year-old woman who is just enjoying every minute she is there because she says, “I don’t know if I’ll be here tomorrow!” Amy talked about how we should all live that way and it is SO true. We never know and we just need to enjoy every moment of the present and actually BE PRESENT in our own lives. I had one of those moments at lunch today. Since my toes weren’t quite ready yet for running shoes I decided to go outside and eat lunch on a patio on campus. It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon with a perfect temperature, sunshine and so perfect on that patio. I sat by myself at a little patio table and enjoyed my lunch in the sunshine, listening to the busyness and chatter of the students around me and enjoying the calm joy in myself. I felt like I was really present during that lunch. I really tasted my salad and noticed how the flavors intermingled. I noticed the tartness of my yogurt on my tongue. The 30 minutes flew by! So that is what it feels like to be truly present all my yourself. Awesome.

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