Testing My Limits

Tues, June 26
Yoga twice!

So I practiced twice today – once at 6am at the Yoga Lounge and once at 12noon. It was an interesting experience today because I had limitations in terms of my injured toes on my left foot (from the dog incident last night!!). I’m okay, but my toes are bruised and sore. Nothing I was going to let stop me from practicing yoga!! Well, it turns out that toes are kinda important in yoga and not just in the sense that we should “fan our toes” and all of that – but curling them under when they are not quite up to snuff can be challenging. This morning went fine. I pushed through and tried to do everything the same, but I bumped my toes a couple of times and it hurt! So, at noon I decided to stop being a hero and modify a bit. This is SO hard for me to do, but I did it. Instead of taking the normal flow during chatturnga I just went directly to down dog. Of course I felt the need to explain to the yoga teacher and some of the other yogis in the class that I had this injury just so they knew why I was not taking the vinyasa. Now, why did I feel the need to have to explain my practice to them? They do not care what I do?! During the entire class I noticed myself feeling so constricted and impatient by the limitations of working around an injury and it struck me that I am so like that off the mat, as well. In general I do not like any sort of limitations (e.g. speed limits!!). I like to be in control and like to do things my way. As I was walking out the door of my noon class I mentioned to the teacher how I get frustrated with limitations and she said exactly what I needed to hear, “Yeah, but that’s how we learn”. Yes, exactly. One thing we learn is perspective. I was reminded about a story I heard on the radio this morning on my way to work today about a man without arms who was planning to climb Mt. Everest.


Yeah, I’m done talking about MY limitations.

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