Aiming for Akron! Ready, go!

Mon, June 25
Ran 53 minutes
Distance: 4.87; Average Pace: 10:53

So I officially started my training program for the Akron 1/2 marathon today! I decided to sleep in and skip the 6am extreme yoga class this morning because I was tired and I wanted to save my energy for a good run. It was only supposed to be 30 minutes so no big deal. Well, my fellow Wednesday Warrior had other plans!!! Actually, we had planned to do our 3 miller, but we got a little lost and made the wrong turn in Albuquerque so we ended up on our 4 miler route going backwards (well not running backwards…running the route backwards, silly!) I was okay with that, however. It felt really good to kick start the week! It was beautiful out – only about 71 degrees with a really nice breeze. Grateful for pleasant weather today!

Oh, I need to address the theme for this training program, “Aiming for Akron”. Okay, so the word aiming is not a very strong verb I realize. It is not as action oriented as another verb I could have chosen like “accomplishing” or “achieving”. This is intentional. Starting in August I will be adding my yoga teacher training into my running schedule and it will be intense! While I have registered for the 1/2 and have every intention of running it on Sept 29, I’m giving myself permission to be a little more flexible with my expectations for this race. This is very hard for me to do. Believe me I’d rather use a more action verb like the ones above, but I know that it is best for me to be kinder to myself on this go round. So aiming it is…perhaps I can go as far as aspiring!!

Next up: yoga twice tomorrow!

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