The Color Run Cleveland!

When I first heard about the Color Run I was confused. However, after I watched the video I was convinced I had to do this! After I showed Zach the video he wanted to do it too! It is billed as the happiest 5K you will ever run in that you are sprayed with a different color at every kilometer!! The day fell right after we got back from vacation so I was a little tired, but we got up and got going anyways!

Here we are in our before pic…

We even had tattoos to show our Color Run Spirit!

There were all kinds of people wearing crazy stuff. Here are my two faves that I saw. The ladies in tutus…

And the ladies in wigs…

It was not a timed 5K so that was good. Zach and I agreed that we would run as much as we (he) could and walk when we (he) needed to. We were just concentrating on having fun! The first color we got sprayed with was yellow. During this first one we were conservative. We just let the people spray us and Z put his hands in the big bucket to feel the powder-like substance. We agreed that at the next station we would roll in it!! Next we got green.

Here is Zach after two stations…

By the 3 station (blue) we decided to not only roll in it, but do snow angels in it and we also started putting it over our heads, etc! Here is Zach after 3 stations!

We were given a colored chalk packet with our check-in packet and we were to throw that up at the very end. Here is what it looked like for one group. I could not have my phone out during ours!

Here is how we looked post color!!

Very fun and very different – fun to run with my dude!!

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