This one’s for the girls!

So yeah, today was National Running Day and I was so pumped that it fell on a Wednesday because I was planning to run with the Wednesday Warriors at lunch! Here we are in all of our glory before leaving this afternoon. We were minus one today as Marilyn couldn’t join us…bummer. And yes, this was taken in the actual locker room. Don’t judge – I checked it out first – the only people in there at the time were us and the photographer!

It was a hard run today, at least for me as I have not been running at all on the weekends lately. But we all commented on how much more fun it is to run with other people. We pushed each other more and just enjoyed it, talking a bit and dodging cars! We have a couple different “usual” routes that we do (thanks to Mary Ann) and today we did our 4 miler. It was actually about 4.5ish. I’m so thankful for these fellow “warriors”. It is just fun to get out there, sweat, do something positive for ourselves and have fun too. Yay!!

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