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Sun, April 29
Cross-training at Life Center this morning

So, yeah chose not to run the 6 miles on my training program in order to rest my shins. Instead I ran 31 minutes on the elliptical and burned 300 calories and then 20 minutes on the bike for an additional 60 calories. It turns out that the elliptical is a better bet, yeah??!! It felt good to get sweaty and to NOT hurt at all doing it!! As I was working out this morning I was feeling deja vous from my first 1/2 training last May. I had an issue with my calves then and remember something about having to skip my last long run. I looked it up and sure enough…here is the blog entry from that day a year ago…

On the road to recovery
Sat, May 7, 2011
Did 30 minutes on the elliptical at a level 6; Burned 266 calories
So yes, I did not do the 6 mile run that was on my training program schedule today. The general consensus from everyone I talked to, facebooked and chatted with said not to, so I didn’t, but to cross-train instead with the elliptical or spinning instead. I have to say that the elliptical was a pretty good workout! I haven’t done one in quite awhile so it took a few seconds to remember how to use the machine. I had no idea what level to put it on so I just guessed and I definitely felt like I got a good workout. The sweat factor was pretty high! I also enjoyed the fact that I had no pain, whatsoever in my calf muscles – SCORE! That hasn’t happened in a long time too…different muscle groups for sure! After I was done I did an ab circuit. Many have told me that I should continue to make sure my core is strong. I did 60 butterfly kicks and 60 bicycles (broken up 30 and 30) and then finished with a one-minute plank. I stretched before and after the workout as well. My calf feels pretty good – not normal, but much better.
My plan is to rest tomorrow and just see how I feel on Monday. I will either try to run a short distance or continue to cross train on Monday. One day at a time this week. What I do know for sure is that I’ll be downtown a week from tomorrow celebrating!!

Too funny, right? I think I’ll attempt running at lunch tomorrow – I’ll see how I feel. Last year I ran M and W and did yoga T, TH and F so hey, why not?? It turned out well last year…that will be the plan for now. Of course always subject to change…

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