Chin Splints – the ones on your legs

Wed, April 25
Yoga at 6am and an “injured run” 12 hours later!

Well, I really missed yoga yesterday so I decided to go this morning as well as get my run in this afternoon. I had not been to a Kevin class for awhile. It was really hard because he kept us in sustained poses for much longer than normal. We did a good series of balancing poses, as well. He always has us do them twice…once to get the kinks out and the second time to play with it. It was interesting because he asked us to just recognize if “stuff comes up for us” in these poses. Just notice it like a cloud passing on a sunny day. This is what I love about yoga. You can really learn about yourself on your mat. I find in balancing poses I immediately think I need to do it perfectly and that I can’t fall. As soon as I start thinking about that and get anxious about it, I start holding my breath, my eyes dart around the room and I, yep, you guessed it….fall. I have noticed that if I’m able to be calm, focus on my drishti (fixed gaze) and breath with no drama, I’m able to maintain the pose longer. So true in life true, right?

No the drama happened later…

5pm – “Ran” 45 minutes
Distance – 3.5 miles

So after my walk debacle on Monday and my nice rest day yesterday I was bound and determined to run today! Come hell or high water!! Well, there was no high water…

I ran after work as I was staying for an evening speaker. For most of the first mile I was convinced I had turned the corner. My calves felt fine and I was actually running, albeit slower than normal. However, just before the first lap beeped on my watch I had to stop and walk as my shins (or chins as I called them on my facebook status later that day (hilarious)), were burning really bad and almost brought me to tears. I started walking and looked at my watch and realized I had only gone about 13 minutes…I needed to go 45 and I was determined to get that 45 minutes in no matter what! Tears came to my eyes as I felt defeated thinking about the 13.1 miles I was scheduled to run a mere 10 days from that day in Pittsburgh.

“How can I ever do that when I can’t even run a frickin’ mile right now” I wondered. I kept walking making the plan that I would walk until halfway through the time and then attempt to run all the way back. During my little “walking” portion I had two funny things happen to me. First, I passed a RUN bumper sticker on a parked car. “HA!!” I thought to myself. In days past I would see that and it would motivate me to keep going, but today at that moment I was ready to flip the bird at the sticker, the sticker’s owner and the sticker’s owner’s family. Next, I walked past a dude in his driveway smoking a cigar and I immediately started feeling self righteous and uppity that I was moving and he was standing there poisoning his body. As if reading my mind he yells out, “Hey you are making me feel guilty! You are exercising while I’m standing here smoking!” To which of course I retort…”yeah, but I’m supposed to be running…but I’m injured” (as if he cares about any of this!). But then he adds, “hey, at least you are moving” Yeah, I am moving. Good point! Thank you, Mr. Cigarman! That was all I needed to kick me in the pants and get me started running (okay, kinda jogging, I guess) again. Well, that and I was starting to get cold from the wind blowing on my sweaty body!! I did end up running for the full second half of the run, so that felt good. My legs were aching, but they somehow felt a bit better or at least tolerable.

I went right home and facebooked my cyber trainer, Jenny Hadfield, to find out what I should do with this latest injury situation. I’m awaiting her response…

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