Me: A Powerwalker??!!

Mon, April 23
Power-walked 3 miles in 44 minutes!!!!

So today was odd. I went to do my lunch run and I could not run on the treadmill. My legs could not work and I physically could not get any faster than a 4.1!! So I power walked my workout and tried not to berate my body for this latest detour. I mean I was movin’ and sweating almost the same amount as running, walking? Seriously?? I have a 1/2 to run in two weeks and I cannot even run 3 miles? I was pretty bummed about it all day until I realized something. I have not taken a rest day after my long run for weeks. My training program says to take a rest day on Sunday as Saturday is the long run day. Well, for those of you keeping up at home, I have been doing my long runs on Sunday because I always seem to want to do yoga on Saturdays. Which means – no rest day. This could be part of the problem, I guess. Between this walking deal and being so slow when I do actually run lately I have just been really discouraged about this whole running thing. I mean it is not as if I’m injured really. I mean I don’t have pain walking, really. My legs just feel really weak. It really does not make a whole lot of sense. I tried to give myself the pep talk about, “well, at least I did something and not nothing today”, but that didn’t stick. Hmmm – nothing. Maybe that is what I need to do for a day. A rest day – take an actual rest day from running…and dare I say, EVEN SKIP YOGA. What? Blasphemy!! Maybe, but that is the plan for tomorrow…

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