Slower than molasses

Sun, April 22
Ran 8 miles; Time: SLOW!! 1:37:04; Average Pace: SLOW!! 12’07”

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. I almost don’t want to post about this run. I’m so embarrassed about how slow I went!! And this was running people…not walking!! Today was my “last long run”, 11 miles, before the 1/2 in Pittsburgh which is in 2 weeks. Now it is time for the taper. Well, I started tapering early as I only ran 8 today. Why? Because I didn’t feel like running any more than that! How is that for an answer?!! I set out to run 11, but as I made the turn up route 91 to the big Bertha hill, I promised myself that if I ran all the way up the hill without any walking I would only run up 4 and then run back home – 8 miles. Well, that is what I did! Of course I fretted a little bit shortening my distance by 3 miles, but then I got over it. No, seriously – I really did! I had a great 10 miler a couple weeks ago, and I know I can run the distance. I’ll be fine. But the question now becomes just how friggin’ long will it take me to get there!? Seriously, people an average pace of 12’07” is the slowest I have EVER run before. Well, except maybe the terrible experience – the 16 miler when I was training for Akron on Aug 6 last year. The average pace for that hellish run on the towpath was 12’26” – I looked it up. That day was the most horribly humid day I have ever run. My socks were even soaked. Yes that 16 miler experience rivaled the Hades visit to Bikram yoga, but I digress! Even on my 20 miler that I ran last summer I had an average pace of 11’16”. I mean, what gives? That was only 8 months ago. Am I THAT much older??!! It is just very frustrating. I am up about 10 pounds from what I was in the summer, I think, so that could be it, but really??!! I know extra weight adds more pressure onto your joints, but would I be slowed down that much? Well, to be fair my runs over the last couple of weeks have averaged in the 11 to 11:30 range with a few faster ones in the 10’s thrown in. It should NOT be that big of a deal to me, but it is. So, lose the weight, right? I’M TRYING!! It has been really challenging to do so lately. I have been very active – yoga or running like everyday and eating pretty clean. I got to my meetings and I track what I eat. Aside from a tad bit of night snacking on my pretzels and peanut butter I’ve been pretty much “on program”. It has just been up and down the last couple of months and I can’t seem to get the momentum going down the scale and keep it there.

This week I’m going to continue on with the things that are working, I guess. Perhaps I will get a little bit more real about my “snacking” points and see if that changes anything. Meanwhile I’m trying to stay positive. I mean this ain’t rocket science. Moving forward all the time…

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