Running in Pleasantville

Sun, April 15
Ran 7 miles
Time: 1:18:38; Average Pace: 11’13”

So today’s run was pretty okay, especially for only running one time during the week! I gotta change that for this week! I ran down past the schools. I usually run in the street when I can because I’m afraid of jagged edges on the sidewalks, but then sometimes I’m stressed out by the cars on the road too. Today I dropped the drama and took the sidewalks and it was not that bad. It turns out that was less stressful than the road. Besides running in Hudson really feels like running in Pleasantville. Did you see the movie? I don’t mean to criticize my little town – I actually love my little town! I might also compare it to Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives, without all the murder, major weather events and and other mayhem, of course. It is just that when I run through downtown on Aurora and Streetsboro streets it just feels like nothing could go wrong. I saw a bunch of other runners, walkers and dogs today. It was a little overcast and humid at the beginning, but then the sun came out. The flowers are pretty and it was just generally nice. Oh, and I ran without music today which was really awesome. I listened to the birds, my breath, and my steps and was actually calmed by being able to connect better with the earth under my feet. It was nice to actually be able to greet other runners when they came by too and not be started by them. One dog scared me, but that was it today! Perhaps I could go sans music during all my runs??!! That is a good question. My iPod is kinda on the fritz so I left it home today and I’m glad I did. I’m trying to remove the drama from my life as much as I can and the iPod would only have brought on drama today. There is enough drama that is thrust upon us without our control so when I can let it go, I will. Another awesome lesson from my yoga practice. There, I just knew I couldn’t resist talking about yoga in a running post!!

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