Long Run – check!

Sun, Feb 26
Ran 6 miles on the treadmill at Life Center
Time: 1:06:00

Well, I wimped out and ran inside today. But I did get my long run in this weekend so that is definitely a win!! I couldn’t do my normal run in the morning because I had a late night on Friday so I had to get it in today. I had thoughts of running outside this morning – it was nice and sunny, but a little chilly for my taste.

So I took Zach with me to Life Center – he climbed the rock wall and I got my run in. It was really tough. I ran the first 2 miles at 5.7 and then had to bring it down to 5.3 for the duration of the run. I’m definitely finding it harder to be motivated during this training cycle. To tell you the truth I’d rather just run like 3-4 times a week about 5 miles and really concentrate on yoga. However, I committed to the May 1/2 marathon so I will do it.

This week will be interesting because I will be traveling Monday – Wednesday. I’m bringing my kicks so I’m planning to get a couple runs in, however! Just no yoga until Thursday – boo!

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