Tae Kwon Do

So the latest on the Ramsey family activity front is Tae Kwon Do!

It all started when I got Zach a free 6-week trial at Asian Sun Martial Arts gym for his birthday. He started out a couple of weeks ago and loved it immediately!!

As we were watching Zach do his class I could tell Mike was intrigued by it too. It has some of the things that are appealing to Mike for working out: 1) it has equipment (see picture below), 2) it involves a structure that measures your progress (belt ranking) and 3) “you get to beat on something”.

I had to swear to keep my picture of Mike in his uniform on my camera, but I was allowed to share the equipment…

Plus the people there are really nice and they offer some other cool cardio classes, so we naturally pursued a family membership! Well, last night Mike I went to our orientation/intro session. My plan was to go to the kickboxing class at 6:30pm while the boys went to the TKD class, but I figured I would at least do the intro in case I ever wanted to try TKD myself. The intro was okay for me. I got a little confused with the various moves. But I have to admit it was fun to kick into the punching bag and yell as little “HUT!” as I kicked!! But then the boys and I parted ways and went to our separate classes.

Here are some pics of Zach’s first sparring experience…

I was in for an experience with this kickboxing class, but I’ll save that for another entry…

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