Girls on the Run!!!

Wed, Feb 22
Ran OUTSIDE at lunch!!!
Time: 48:58; Distance; 4.5 miles

Okay, this run was so many kinds of awesome!!!! Where do I start? Well, first I went outside!!! Finally, after being on the treadmill all during Jan and most of Feb. I was really apprehensive about it getting ready in the locker room. I’m not sure why. I had gotten comfortable with my little routine with the treadmill that I somehow started thinking I won’t be able to run outside. Yes, I know. This makes absolutely no logical sense, but this is just how I roll. I felt the same way when I brought it in to start running on the treadmill a couple months ago after only running outside. I think it is just that I get comfortable with routine (don’t we all) and don’t really want to change (yep). But the ironic part is, sometimes that is the VERY thing we need most!!!

So the next awesome thing about today was my g-friends!! So we kinda have this running group that has cropped up! There are four of us (so far)- Angie (my GA), Mary Ann and Marilyn. We all do yoga together so we chat in the locker room all the time. One day a few weeks ago, Marilyn asked me if I’d like to go running with her sometime outside. I said I would love to, but it would just depend on the weather (such a wimp!!). We picked Wednesdays because it didn’t conflict with yoga or other scheduling stuff, but it just never worked out. Either I had something during lunch, we had a snowstorm, etc. Then last week the three of them ran together while I went to some lunch thing (yuck), but I promised I would go the next week. Cut to today and I went! It was supposed to rain, but it didn’t – it was a bit chilly when we started out, but it was so fun! It felt great getting out and getting away from the treadmill!! It was so fun running with a group too! We ran in pairs and it seemed to work really well. Mary Ann lives locally so she knows some really good routes. Plus running with a group lessons the chance that I’ll get lost! I actually enjoyed doing the hills that were throughout the run too…just not the same as an incline on the treadmill.

The last and final awesome thing about today was my so cool watch!! Whoo- hoo! I finally could use the GPS feature on it! I did not calibrate it yet, but I think it is actually closer than I originally thought. While it measured 4.65 miles, Mary Ann said it was a 4.5 mile route. Not too bad! Plus with the GPS feature on, my watch which syncs runs to, tracks the distance on a cool map feature that shows the elevations too. It is just way cool. My legs feel naturally tired tonight…a good tired. I will sleep good tonight for sure. Sweet dreams runner girls!!

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