Why I deserve the “Mother of the Week” award

So this has truly been a rough week for me. Truly. Mike was out of town for most of it so I completely blame my incompetence on his absence and the fact that I had to use more brain power than normal. There were two bookend faux-pas involving school that I will not live down very soon. I probably should not admit these things on my blog, but maybe you need a laugh, just as much as I need to write about it. So, here’s the story…

Monday – I have in my Outlook calendar at the office that Zach does not have school on Monday. Throughout the whole weekend this fact is in my brain. It actually was going to work out great – the day after his birthday and the superbowl he could sleep in (well theoretically if he ever slept in) and that would be just great. So I go to work as usual, and leave the boys to their own devices. All is well until I get a chat from Mike at lunch that says,

“Are you sure Zach didn’t have school today?”

To which I reply, “Well, yeah, its in my calendar!” as if my calendar is the end all be all of events that transpire in and around the community.

He continued with his observation that while they were out for lunch and haircuts they didn’t see any other kids around which made me very suspicious. I began to doubt the ironclad perfectionism of my calendar as I pulled up the school website and yep – totally had school today!!! Oh crap. So embarrassed. I admitted my faux pas to Mike and he said the school had just called to find out if Zach was okay and forgot to call in. Gulp. As I perused the calendar to see how I could have made this scheduling error I realized that it was next Monday that they were off for parent/teacher conferences – NEXT Monday. Oh…oops. The kicker of this whole thing is that I myself received a conference request for Zach’s teacher for next Monday. Duh. You would think I would have connected the dots. Nope. Faux pas one – check.

Cut to Friday – the next bookend event. Zach gets off the bus yesterday and I happily greet him with a great big motherly smile and a happy I-had-a-great-day-having-lunch-with-my-mom-and-going-shopping “how was your day, dear”? greeting to which Zach says the standard, “good and (wait for it…….)….we had a fun Valentine’s Day party.”

I first just blink like a deer in headlights for what felt like 10 minutes and then say, “No, was that today??”

“Yeah, I had no Valentines and no decorated Valentine’s box,” he says. I just stare at him in disbelief. How could I do this twice in one week??!! He was that kid and I was that Mom!!!

“But don’t worry, Mom. I still got Valentine’s and stuff”. Yet again for the 468 time I was thankful that Zach was a boy. I don’t think a girl would get over not having a decorated V-Day box this easily. Faux pas number two – check.

I apologized all over the place to Zach, but luckily he didn’t seem all that concerned. I should note in my defense that Valentine’s Day is not until this Tuesday AND Zach did not remind me of the party, nor did he show me a reminder note about it or anything. However, I made a mental note to go ahead and buy Valentine’s around Z’s birthday in early February from now on.

So I’m good for making my share of crazy Mom mistakes for awhile right? Or, wait, don’t they come in three’s???! Oh brother.

One thought on “Why I deserve the “Mother of the Week” award”

  1. Hilarious!!! Maybe I wrote my status just for you today Lisa “Yesterday is forgotton, The Future is unknown so ENJOY TODAY! (or something like that!)
    sh** happens and you (and Zach) have had your share this week. Good Luck with the weekend–and IF I read all this correctly, Z doesn’t have school on Monday–LOL! Love ya! (and all us mom’s have made plenty of mistakes)

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