Weight Watchers – a Hard Habit to Break (thank God!)

So in my Weight Watchers meeting we celebrated our three year anniversary. Yes, three of my dear friends and I started attending Weight Watchers meeting 3 years ago today!! Very cool. We were all there to acknowledge this and celebrate our persistence in this regard. We are all lifetime members and have had our own triumphs and challenges. One thing we have in common is that we keep coming back. No matter what. I started thinking about it this afternoon. I kept thinking about these questions in my head. Why is it that I keep going to Weight Watchers ALMOST every week (even Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve this year!). I mean they say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit, but 3 years?!! And reflecting back on three years ago, how is my life different than it was before??

Okay, first question first. Why, do I still go to meetings? I’ll list it in top 10 format just for grins and giggles:

10. To keep myself accountable on and off of the scale
9. To be inspired by my friends – old and new
8. For the Panera bagel, peanut butter, and coffee (they charge for peanut butter now, can you believe it??)
7. Because I have nothing better to do at 6:30 on Saturday mornings?
7. To get Bravo stickers on occasion which keeps me motivated! It is all about the stickers…still.
6. Because I like to be able to start over occasionally and the meeting is a great way to do that – it is like a bookend to my week.
5. To be able to hear new ideas and share some of my own.
4. To be reminded yet again, that I am not alone in this journey.
3. Because it works, folks!!
2. Because our leader, Nancy, is the bomb!
1. Because sometimes I need a meeting – and sometimes a meeting needs me!

And now for the second question. So, how is my life different than 3 years ago before Weight Watchers?

10. I sweat a lot more often now – usually 6 times a week. Basically, my day really doesn’t feel right unless I have a sweaty sports bra in the dirty clothes.
9. I have purchased more pairs of Nike Pegasus shoes in the last three years than I probably have any athletic shoe in my entire life.
8. I now feel comfortable saying words like vinyasa, shevasana and hip opener on a regular basis.
7. I have rediscovered fruits and vegetables that are now just a part of my every day.
6. My favorite Christmas gift was a watch, but it didn’t come from Jared’s!
5. I now have this blog where I can write and share my experiences!
4. I cook tons more now and like to be creative and try new things.
3. I enjoy good food more now and don’t waste time or points on gross or bad tasting food (including gross chocolate!)
2. I don’t buy pop often and stay away from processed food as much as possible.
1. I love to talk about running, yoga, nutrition and like to encourage others to make changes in their lives to reach their goals!

So raise your water glass to good and healthy habits! Thanks, Weight Watchers! Cheers to many more years together!!

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