What am I…in the circus now?

Tues, Dec 20
Yoga at lunch

Today was good. I thought it might be just like two of us with the holiday week, but there were probably about 6 or 7 of us so that was fun. We did tons of balancing poses today which was different than normal. We did revolving half moon a couple times, standing split a couple times, eagle, airplane, tree and a “holding toe” pose. It was cool because balancing is something I need to work on – in more ways than one!

Next up: running tomorrow at lunch

Just Show Up

Mon, Dec 19
Ran 6 miles on the treadmill at life center in the am
Time: 64:27; Pace – between 10:54 and 10:32

I took it a little easy this morning. I ran the first 2 miles at only a 5.5 pace (10:54/mile) and then bumped it up to 5.6 at mile 3 (10:42) and then up to 5.7 (10:32) for the final about 1/2 mile. Today I had a day off to finish Christmas preparations and it would have been really easy to use that excuse to not run this am. But, I got my butt out of bed and did it! It felt hard for some reason today, but I did it! But once I got there and got into it I was fine. It is amazing how just showing up can go along way to actually getting it done. Just like life – showing up is the first step.

Next up – yoga at lunch tomorrow

The Silent Treatment

Sat, Dec 17
Ran 4 miles on the treadmill at Life Center
Treadmill time: 42:29; Pace: 5.7 (10:32)

Was it something I said? Something I did? Like maybe my recent allegiance to the treadmill? I’m not sure. But I’m getting the silent treatment. From my iPod. For the last few runs she (I think I’ve referred to her by various names in the past, but for now I’m going to go with Jill since that is my GPS lady) has not been giving me updates like “1 mile completed” or “2 miles to go” in her oh, so cheery voice. She still plays the music and still tracks my runs albeit a tad inaccurately, but she does not talk to me anymore. Strange. It is all well and good now, but it won’t be once I’m back outside again. Which is why, again, I need a friggin’ watch! No, the watch will not talk to me, but it will accurately track my distance anywhere I go so I’m not limited to the treadmill. Man, I hope I haven’t pissed off Santa too!!

Paying attention to your intentions

Thurs, Dec 15
Yoga at lunch

Today I practiced with intention. Lisa asked us to release our tension and think of an intention for our practice. She suggested a number of words we could use to focus on like strength, power and other things like that, but I began to think about the concept of being intentional. I wanted to be fully present doing my yoga practice today – staying with every pose. But not only that though. I kept thinking about being intentional in my life. What would my life be like if I did everything with an intention. Set an intention for my next run, my next yoga practice, my next meeting, my next meal, my next hard conversation. I think by being more intentional in my life, I might also stop doing some things that have become useless habits….like watching useless tv, mindlessly surfing the net, absentminded eating that snack. Intentions. What are your intentions? What things could you get rid of in your life if you paid more attention to your intentions??

Next up: run tomorrow early.

A new PR!

Wed, Dec 14
Ran 3 miles on the treadmill at lunch
Time: 29:10 – new PR! (Real time btw!!)

So today’s run was an interval run of sorts. I was to do 4x (1000m at race pace + rest for 400m). So, my pace for the first 1000 was at 6.3 (9:32), but then I realized that my race pace is 9:20 so I bumped it up to 6.4 (9:22) for the next three. It wasn’t that bad and once I realized I was going to get it quite a bit under 30 I was stoked! My resting pace was 5.7 (10:32). I’m enjoying the part of the treadmill that helps me to track that is for sure. This was real time, by the way – no idea what my iPod said. So now that I’m pretty confident I can competently and consistently get it under 30, the question becomes, what should my goal be for the New Year’s Race? Do I shoot for 29 min flat? Given that the treadmill is probably a bit easier than outside and I haven’t been running outside lately, that might be just the right goal. Or do I try to get under 29? Not sure yet.

Next up – yoga tomorrow at lunch

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Henry biting off your nose…”

Okay, folks you cannot make this stuff up…

Now I have had my house decorated for Christmas pretty much since the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This includes our four stockings hanging from the mantel. Here is a picture…

I originally had a stocking in the shape of a paw hanging too, but since it was a) Homer’s stocking, our former canine friend, and b) too small for the beast, I decided to look for a Henry-sized stocking. Fortunately, I found a cute one at Target with a dog head on top and the rest was made out of Santa hat material. So I proudly hung up the new one for Henry with no worries as he had managed to coexist with the other four stockings since Thanksgiving weekend.


Cut to last Sunday. I was at church when this picture appeared on my phone…

and a message, “Henry found his stocking…”

I’m not sure why I’m ever surprised, but I was. Someone asked me, “oh, did he smell doggie treats in it or something?” Nope. It was new. Emphasis on was…PAST TENSE! So after playing just one round of Sesame Street’s game “one of these things is not like the other”, I determined that the one thing different about Henry’s stocking from all of the others is that his has (well, actually had) a face. That has to be it! I’m living with a vicious canine predator. Can’t you tell??!!

I mean this is too friggin’ funny. I’d love to know what goes on in that big block head of his. Does he just believe that nothing else with a face (the humans excluded, I hope) can coexist in his domicile? Or is he just creeped out that we have stuffed things with faces? Or is it just some weird hunting instinct??! We may never know, but we continue to be entertained almost daily!!!

Catching Up

Tues, Dec 13
Ran 6 miles at Life Center @early o’clock
Time: 62 minutes and some odd seconds; Pace: 10’32”

I skipped my run yesterday because I was running out of time, etc so I promised myself I would do it this morning. When the alarm went off at 5am today I was not having it, but by 5:11am I was dragging my clothes on and wiping the sleep out of my eyes. I got there and I’m super glad that I did. It was a good run. I was laughing at the crazy news stories about Alec Baldwin on American Airlines and all the political garbage going on. I was also watching the Bootcamp class going on through the window. I waved to the two ladies that I knew from the bootcamp class I did at this time last year. They were encouraging me to come join them and I just smiled. As I watched them I was just so thankful that I now have yoga in my life as my cross training option of choice. I’m not knocking bootcamp – it is a great workout! I just prefer yoga now – the softer, gentler cross training option that kicks your butt without you really realizing it!!

I ran into another guy there that I used to see often at that early hour. He is one of “those guys” who ends up being really condescending when he talks to me. I’m not sure he means it, but it totally happens. He must have noticed me running in the cardio room and as i was getting water he asked me if I got a good workout as he moved his arms in a running motion. I said, “yeah, I ran 6”. He said, “oh, wow!”, with surprise. Like this is a giant accomplishment for me and he has to compliment me now. “That is great…took you about an hour?” I nodded. Really?! What does he care? Move along, sir. I’m not here to socialize with you or let you patronize me. I don’t need your approval or your comments. I’m just here to get it done.

Up next: yoga at lunch

Keepin’ On

Sat, Dec 10
Ran 3 miles on the treadmill at Life Center
About 32 minutes and some odd seconds

I took it nice and easy today, running a pace of 10:32. It felt good. I was supposed to do between 2-4 miles so I took the middle since I had company in town for the weekend. I was still a little sore from Yoga Bootcamp on Friday, so that felt good!!!

A Two-fer!

Fri, Dec 9
Yoga for free at 6am and at 5pm!

So the yoga lounge was offering free yoga all day today. Literally every hour there was a different type of 45 minute yoga class being offered! I had decided to go to the 6am one because that is Kevin’s class and he is way awesome. So, that was great, as always. As I was leaving I heard these ladies talking about when they were coming back for another class later in the day and I was so envious. I had to go to work! Never had I dreamed that I would be able to leave a bit early in order to get ready for my in-laws visit (yay!) and also be able to catch another class. The 5pm one was called “Yoga Bootcamp”. Now, yes, at first this may seem like an oxymoron, however, I am a believer after tonight!!! Holy cow! First off, Amy is absolutely amazing! Not only does she teach a great class, but she also practices some of the harder poses while giving instructions and never misses a beat, or a breath. Amazing. We did some crazy stuff tonight like the side crow.

Okay, to be honest, I could only watch her do it…way too hard for me to try tonight. But we also did some other intense things as well as some hard core abs and core things. Great, great, great! I also found out that all of the instructors who lead classes today did so by donating their time. They didn’t make a dime…so cool!!!

Next up: 2-4 mile run tomorrow – I think I may make it 5 or 6!