Unity in the Yoga Room

Fri, Dec 30
Yoga at yoga lounge

Just when I thought Wednesday’s class was the toughest I had ever taken – enter today!! Bloody Hell! It was great! We knew we were in trouble when Melissa announced at the beginning of the class that this was her last class at the studio. As soon as she spoke she totally reminded me of Demi Moore – she had that same raspy voice and she looked exactly like her with dark hair and eyes. She told us that since this was her last day we were going to have some fun! Uh, oh – that could be bad. Well, it was intense alright. We did tons of knee to nose stuff (core stuff) to spice up the flow, but she added some challenging poses too! I rocked crow pose and kept up pretty much with the class except for one time. We had a really full class today and so we were able to do this really cool thing with balancing poses. We lifted our knee up and reached for the person’s hand next to us and then went into airplane pose. It was so much easier to do it with the support from our “neighbors” and it just felt pretty cool. No one cared that we were all sweaty messes. That is the first time I had ever done that and I really enjoyed it! I also found out that yoga lounge is doing teacher training right now – they are at the end of a cycle right now, but I’m going to find out when they will do their next one. I would love to go through teacher training – not necessarily to teach, but just because I’d like to learn more about it. It is quite expensive, however. Someday, maybe…

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