Warped Logic

So today in the locker room, I overheard this woman talking about losing weight and the struggle it has been for her. She was quite overweight was sharing with her friend that she did something last night that was counter-intuitive. She said they had a batch of fudge in the house and she just ate it all. “That way it would be gone and I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore!” she said. Now, yes, I too have thought these same thoughts in the not so distant past, but hearing someone say it outloud and be okay with it, highlighted just how absurd that statement really is. I mean, I certainly understand wanting to “get rid” of it in order for it not to be tempting, but there are other strategies to use for this. Like give it away to a friend or a neighbor. Or even (gasp) throw it away!!! Just shoving it down your gullet in some ways is really an act of violence against your body, I think. I mean, in what world does this even work? Let me mindlessly shove this all in my stomach so I won’t be tempted by it later. She deserves better! We all do. I wanted to take her aside and tell her this, but it was not the time or place. Plus I remembered that I had some fudge at home as well…LOL!!!

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