So close, but no cigar today!

Thurs, Dec 29
3 miles on the treadmill at Life Center
Time: 30:03 – so close!!!

So the workout today (last interval one for this this training cycle) called for me to run 3 miles and in the middle do 6 X 20 seconds at race pace. So I ran a 10min/mile (6.0) and interspersed it with fartleks of 20 seconds at 6.5 or 9:14/mile. My goal then was to get the three done in less than 30 minutes. It didn’t happen!!! The biggest reason was that when I started I was walking slowly as I was trying to set my watch. The watch did not find the sensor so I was convinced that it was a lemon or something because it also did not have any history of my last run listed. Ugh. So I ran and decided to play with the watch afterwards. I walked around the track with it and it still didn’t sense the sensor! At this point I was steaming. Nike seriously hates me!! My husband to the rescue, yet again. He looks at it – presses the option button (which I swear did not work at the gym!) and hits “new sensor”. Sure enough it connected, tracked my workout (shoe hitting the counter) and also put it in the history. Crisis averted!! No matter how much I run, or how much yoga I take, I just can’t seem to temper my “first responder impatience” that is so prevalent in my life. Guess I just need to keep running and taking yoga. What would I be like without it?! Okay – its a deal!

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