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Tues, Dec 27
Ran 4 miles at Life Center (3 on the treadmill and one on the *ugh* track)
Time: 40:49; Pace (5.8 on the treadmill; 10:20/mile)

So I had to skip my run yesterday. I was completely busy from like 7am until like 10pm!! But in a very fun way! My sister and her family came to celebrate Christmas so I made homemade chicken noodle soup and beef au jus sandwiches on weck rolls (especially for my dad!). The meal turned out great and we had a great time just talking and laughing together. The boys had fun together and Zach even had a chance to play his cello for everyone. It was a short visit, but really fun and nice.

So, today I was able to try out my new WATCH at Life Center!!!! Mike gave me the Nike Plus Runner’s Watch for Christmas…Yahoo!!!! It worked great! I was a bit disappointed that it tracked in a similar way to my iPod, however. For example, when the treadmill said I had run 3 miles, the watch said I had run like 3.16 or so. The pace reads faster on the watch, just like my iPod. I was curious how it would do on a track so I tried it for one mile on the track, but it was the same – at least I think so! It is very cool however, and tracks other cool stuff that I haven’t completely figured out yet. I’m sure it will work differently when I’m running outside too. The really nice thing about it is that it is really simple to use and it syncs to, the same program I have been using with my iPod.

2 thoughts on “Watch This!”

  1. Lisa,

    Have you calibrated the watch for your stride length? It sounds like your steps are about 5% shorter than the watch thinks they are.

    When Lyn got her pedometer, she went to a track and did some laps to calibrate it. It was worth it — the default was quite a bit off from her actual stride.


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