Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Wed, Dec 28
Yoga at yoga lounge

Okay today’s class was absolutely killer!!! And so great! Kristin taught it. Her style is tough because while we still flow pretty good, she also has us hold poses for quite awhile. We do the same poses as in other classes, but she just kicks them up a notch sometimes. For example rather than just plain old bridge pose, she had us lift one leg up and hold it for like a minute!!!! So hard!! We do that for a few different poses and it is such a good core workout. She also challenges us by throwing in some wild poses in the mix, like the 8 limbed pose that I’ve tried before and I actually kind of get the first part. My one triumph for today’s class was holding crow for a 10-count. That is new for me! Usually it is just like 3 seconds. Towards the end of the class I could have sworn that we had been there for like two hours when Kristin looked at the clock and realized that we were over time. The class was supposed to be from 9:30am – 10:45am and it was like 11am! We still hadn’t done shevasana!! She apologized a bunch, but it did not bother me in the least! It was extra hard and extra long. With all that said, Kristin also kept us focused on the breath. Probably the best all around class I have ever had. I will have to seek out her classes again. The really funny thing is that Amy Cook was listed as the teacher this morning and I was at first disappointed that she was gone. My intention was acceptance and I accepted having another instructor and boy was I pleased!!!

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