Zach + Yoga=NOga!!

Thurs, Dec 22
Yoga at lunch

Well, I tried. I brought Zach to yoga with me today since he came to work with me. He got through a few cat/cow poses, but when we went into out first down dog, he struggled with his wrist. I tried to whisper instructions to him, but he just said, “I can’t do it”. So he sat quietly on his mat for the rest of the class. Ironically, it was a super good class and workout today and he did a good job of not being distracting to anyone. He told me afterwards that he was sure the class was 4 hours long and that it was so boring! I told him that he should probably start with a kids yoga class, but at that point I had totally lost him. Oh well. Perhaps if the yoga lounge ever has a kid demo he might try that. We’ll see.

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