Running at the Social Club

Fri, Dec 23
Ran 4 miles at Life Center
Time: 41:21; Pace: 10:20/mile

So I realized today why I like to run in the early morning or on my lunch. Those are the times that the other serious workout people are there. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t like to have fun running, but I don’t want to waste time by talking if it compromises my workout. Working out is not social time for me and I really cannot take people who, but are mostly talking and hardly moving on the equipment. I mean, why get a sports bra dirty for that. Yes, this should have no affect on me, I understand, but it just bugs me. These skinny women in the cardio room who were “working out” on the wave machines were mostly talking and rather loudly. So, I, of course started singing, rather loudly!! Oh well. My annoyance helped to propel me to finish my workout so I guess no harm done.

Tomorrow – 3 mile run after my WW meeting – then it is Christmas, Christmas!!

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