Running in a Sauna!!

Wed, Dec 21
Ran 4 miles at lunch
Time: 39:32 – PR’d by 2 seconds!!!

So today’s run was pretty awesome. I was supposed to run 4 miles with a fartlek in the middle – so 6 times 1min at an 8:45 pace with 2 min rest. I ended up doing the first 3 fartlek’s at a 6.8 pace (8:49 pace) and then I bumped it up to 6.9 (8:41 pace) for the last 3. My “resting” time was 6.0 (10min/mile) until the last quarter mile when I bumped it up to 6.1 (9:49/mile) just so I could be sure to make my goal of under 40 minutes. I did and come to find out I beat my best time (the Firecracker run in Stow) by 2 seconds!!! Sweet!

It was really hot in there today – like really hot. It probably doesn’t hurt that it is like 50 degrees today, but I didn’t even use my hair dryer because I was sweating so bad after my shower. But no one is around today at work, so no worries about my ragamuffin hair. That felt good. I feel like I will be in great shape for the New Year’s Run. Bring it on!!!

Next up: Yoga tomorrow with Zach!!

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