Running Mind Games

Wed, Nov 30
Ran a 4 1/2 mile interval workout this am on the treadmill at Life Center
I had to do 6 x (800 m at race pace (9:20/mile) followed by 400 m rest)
Time: 48:48; Pace: 6.4 (9:22) for the speedy part and 4.0 for the resting part

Okay this was really hard. I had to play mind games on myself to complete this workout. I looked at the workout on my fridge this morning and thought no big deal. Oh yeah?!

Here is sort of how my mind went during the work out:

After the first 800 (1/2 mile) I was like, oh, this might be difficult.
After the second 800 I was like, I might just do half of this workout and call it a day. Maybe I can do the other half later today…
After the third one I was like, hey I made it half way, I’ll just do one more and be done…that is good enough…I’ll think about it during the rest period
After the fourth one I thought, okay, I can do one more and be done – that was like two fast miles…
After the fifth one I thought, hey only one more, besides I ran a frickin’ marathon – I got this!!
After the sixth one I thought, YES, I totally did it!!

It was really tough for me to do this full workout today and it would have been really easy to quit, shower and give myself some excuse. But after each speed interval, I bargained with myself that I would see how I felt after the rest period and then make my decision. Each time, by the time the rest period was over (1/4 mile) I was rested enough to be able to temporarily forget how hard it was so I just sped up again. I mean I could do anything for 1/2 mile, right?

I think sometimes this is true in life too. In the middle of a rough time we try to figure things out and maybe tend to make a rash decision. However, if we wait until we are calmer (our rest period, if you will), we can have a clearer mind and approach the next rough period with a better perspective. Even if we tend to be naive during the rest periods and forget about how hard the tough times actually hard (if we remember to take them!!), it is a good break from the stress, the strain, and the hard stuff in our lives. Bottom line: we need to use our rest periods!!! Have you rested today??

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