Tues, Nov 29
Yoga at lunch

Great workout today and very sweaty! The fitness studio was really warm for some reason. I was sorta uncomfortable. I mean, I like the nice and warm yoga lounge in the morning before a nice shower, but in the middle of the day I don’t really want to sweat that much unless I’m going to shower! I do have my baby wipes, however so that is good! After class the instructor was telling us about when she got certified as a yoga instructor. It was interesting because she said they didn’t do much yoga ironically. They did a lot of work in their head and wrote a bunch of papers and stuff. She actually didn’t go through it in order to teach, but the job at Carroll just fell into her lap. The whole time she was talking about it I was getting more and more interested in it! I would love, love, love to do that!!! I think I may look into it just for fun! A new and different goal!!!

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