Eagles Had it Right: Get Over it!

Mon, Nov 28
Ran 6 miles at lunch
Time: 1:01:35; Average Pace: 10’15/mile

So yeah, those stats are iPod stats, but they are pretty much accurate for the most part. The time was probably a tad bit longer than that and the pace was probably more like 10:30. The treadmill starts to slow down and shut off after 60 minutes (stupid thing) so I lost track of my time, but I can report that I ran the first 3 miles at a 5.7 pace 10:31/mile, the next 1 1/2 at 5.8 pace 10:20/mile and the last 1/2 mile at 6.0 pace 10/mile. It felt pretty good! I was so sweaty today, however. I really wish they would control the temperature of that room. Good thing I don’t run in there in the summertime! After showering and washing my hair with body soap (oops), I went back to work, but it took me forever to cool down! As George Costanza on Seinfeld says, “my shower didn’t take!”. Again, it felt so good running a bit longer today. I felt a little bit vindicated for not running the Turkey Trot, but I still feel a little guilty. Especially when I hear about my work colleagues who ran theirs and talked about “how perfect” the weather was on Thursday. And it really was, actually. Gotta. Get. Over. It. My thing is I just don’t know why I bagged it. My psycho-analysis of myself indicates that I might have been afraid of failing at the race. Since I already broke 40 minutes and PR’d last time I ran a 4 mile race in July I think I was afraid I would NOT beat my best time. OMG – who cares right?! Okay, being competitive is great until it messes with your mind. Either way, it is done and over and I’m laying it to rest right now. Moving forward…now…right….now…okay…..now!

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