That was hard!

Wed, Nov 23
Ran 3 miles on the treadmill at lunch
Time: 31:49; Pace: 10’31”; Incline: 0.5
iPod stats: 31:20; Average Pace: 9’59”

Okay, that was really hard today. Not sure why, but it was. I originally was going to do yoga today instead, but I checked the website this morning and the 6am class was cancelled. So I decided to run at lunch. The fitness room was actually pretty busy for a “break day”. My friend and I ran together and talked a bit. So I’ve been trying to come up with a non-competitive goal for tomorrow’s turkey trot. This is tough for me, but I really don’t want tomorrow to be about speed. My friend suggested making my goal to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who passes me. I like that – that could be fun and would feel good. I am going to tell Nick just to go at his own pace because I don’t want to feel pressured for this one. I just want to have fun. We’ll see how that works out and if I can do that knowing me!!!

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