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Tues, Nov 22
Yoga at lunch

Well today was just kinda of a normal workout. Nothing out of the ordinary or special. But it felt as good as always to do it and stretch out. Nuff said.

Oh the other funny thing was after class this woman asked me if I was ever a cheerleader? After I stopped laughing at the question and told her no, I asked why. She said, “because you are so flexible!”. Maybe she was referring to the fact that I did wheel pose (a back bend) about 3 times in class today. I thought about it later and felt really good that at age 42 I can still do back bends. It is the little things in life, I guess, that make you feel good and keep you motivated to grow, change and learn…at any age!

Next up: Yoga in the morning and maybe a short run at lunch

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