The Pomegranate

Yes, the pomegranate! It is our fruit for the week and it is yummy!! I forgot to take a picture of it before cutting into it, but here is one from the internet…

I’m glad I read online how to cut and de-seed this fruit because I learned that the juice stains! And it helped to know that you eat the seeds and not the other rind/membranes. Here is what it looked like when we cut it open

The website suggested de-seeding it over a bowl of water so the seeds could sink to the bottom and the rind would float to the top. Good strategy. I was amazed at how many little suckers there were in the fruit! It reminded me of honeycomb or something because they were hidden until you broke them open and then another little grouping would appear. Here is the sum total of seeds we got from one medium sized pomegranate….

It tastes really good! It is very juicy – not too sweet, but not too tart either. If I had to compare it to something I would say a little bit like cranberry juice, but not as tart. The website also gave instructions about how to juice the fruit and it said that two pomegranates would yield about a cup of juice. Whoa – no thanks, I’ll just eat them plain. Yum!

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