Excuse me, I fartleked!

Wed, Nov 16
Ran 4 miles on the treadmill at lunch
Time: 40:50 – yes, actual treadmill time!!

So I finally did a fartlek today! My training schedule today said to run a 4 mile fartlek with a 6 x (1 min hard run (8:45pace) followed by an 2 min rest). This term has always been sort of a mystery to me. I have seen it in running magazines and in certain training programs, but I’ve never tried it before. I have to say I kinda loved it! It basically is interval training in which the run is broken up by speed running at a short distance at a pace significantly faster than normal race pace. I’m not sure if it is the competitor in me or what, but it was really fun to challenge myself to run faster and just see what I can do. Today I ran a basic 5.5 speed (10:54 pace) at an incline of 0.5 for most of the run, but the 6 1-minute intervals I did at 6.8 speed (8:49 pace). Then towards the end I wanted to kick it up a notch so I increased it to 6.0 at 3.3 miles and then again to 6.7 at 3.6 miles. I was pretty happy with that time, actually. It is cool to see what I can do that I didn’t think I could do before. If I would have tried to run at an 8:49 pace for any length of time before I started this program, I probably would not have been able to do it. I guess that is probably the difference between training for speed or distance. I’m not sure I could do both at the same time, but we’ll see. For now, I’m really digging this and happy to be able to use the treadmill as a tool. What? Did I just say that?!!

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