So it all started at Kriegers. Have you been there? It is this great produce and food store on Graham Road. It is a frequent stop of ours after we have been out thrifting at the Village Discount Outlet. Yes, I lead an exciting life. Zach is always begging to stop there because he likes to get a Zach-sized fresh squeezed orange juice that he cranks out and fills up by himself and usually slurps down before we have even gotten back to Route 8. Well, now Nick has been introduced to the store and yes, I have another convert.

The store is really cool. It is filled to the brim with a giant variety of fresh produce, organic stuff, healthy snacks, a pharmacy of various jams and jellies, a great meat and deli counter and a nice selection of beers and wines I might add. Zach especially likes the gluten-free, poppyseed cookies. It is literally stuffed with stuff and getting around with a cart is always challenging. That is part of its charm, however. Even though their parking lot is always jammed and they would do well to expand, I hope they never do. It feels like a small town grocer and I sometimes think someone from Little House on the Prairie is going to wait on me. Oh, and also – the prices are really cheap!!

So, we were shopping yesterday and Nick and I were perusing the various fruit – lots of which I didn’t recognize. We wanted to try the ones we had never had before, but at like $3.29 per piece I limited it to one. So, we picked the dragonfruit…

Yes, it looks like someone off a tree on Star Trek, but we were up to tasting it. We googled how to peel it so we did it correctly. It tasted like a kiwi meets a pear, but with less taste. I’m not sure if it was ripe or not, but it didn’t have much taste. A bit sweet, with the consistency of a kiwi almost. We all tried it, but no one was really sold on it. We put the rest of it in a smoothie. After we took the pics I decided to blog about it and maybe try a new fruit or vegetable every week. So, this is the beginning of the Fruit Frenzy. Enjoy!!

Here is more info about the dragonfruit

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