The Expo Experience

Fri, Sept 23

So the race weekend experience started with the Expo on Friday. When I heard that there was going to be a couple from the Biggest Loser there speaking as well as the legend, Hal Higdon, I decided to take the whole day off of work to attend! (Dorky, yes, but I do not care!). So Angie and I decided to go together. We got there around 11:30am. Here’s our pic!

We arrived in time to grab our bib stuff and then listen to Amy and Phil Parham speak. They were contestants on the Biggest Loser season 6 and lost a combined total of 256 pounds. Now they have this “90 Day Fitness Challenge” thing they are promoting and are reaching a lot of people with it.

I actually got the nerve up to talk to Amy before she spoke and ask her to get her picture taken with me (this is huge for me since I’m severely starstruck). What helped was that I did not watch the show back when they were on it, so I could pretend they were just normal people….which they were actually!!!

I also bought Amy’s book called “10 Lessons From a Former Fat Girl” and had her sign it. In their talk they announced that they are working on sitcom about their life, sorta centered around Amy’s book. So they said, if you hear a sitcom called “Former Fat Girl” or something it might be us!

From there Ang and I hit all the booths in the expo and met Hal Higdon along the way. I could not talk to him at all besides saying, “I think you are awesome!” I mean, come on, the man has run 111 marathons. I felt like Jennifer Gray’s character in Dirty Dancing when she said, “I carried a watermelon”. Thankfully, Angie was there and could put a few normal sentences together and we could get our picture taken with him.

We bought a few things along the way and took a cheesy picture with banners!! So fun!!

We ended up going through the Expo like 4 times before we were finally done finding the things we needed. I bought a cute shirt for Zach and another shirt for me and then we got our race shirt/jacket. Oh, the coveted jacket!! At first I was disappointed because it was windbreaker material, but it grew on me. I only put it on once for size and then immediately took it off until the 26.2 was behind me.

Afterwards we had a late lunch at Subway since there was no food to be had anywhere at the Expo. We were given directions not to bring any food in since there would be concessions. Well, those consisted of soft pretzels and movie candy. No thanks. Over all a great day! Now for some more pasta and an early bedtime…

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