It Takes a Village to Train a Marathoner (or My great big fat thank you note!)

So as I was lying on the masseuse table this morning getting my post-race healing massage, the strangest thing happened. I began to cry. As in full out tears rolling down my face down to my ears (I was lying on my back). The woman had barely begun the massage when I just starting crying. I was just feeling relaxed and I was thinking about the finish line, Zach running out to me…the whole thing and I was again just overwhelmed with gratitude. All that plus the beautiful piano music playing in the room and I was toast. I felt embarrassed at first, but after I apologized to the masseuse and told her it had nothing to do with her she reassured me that it happens sometimes. It is just an emotional release, she explained as she handed me a kleenex. I was totally not prepared for that! I was prepared for the massage to hurt a little bit, but not for that reaction. It wasn’t that I was sad or happy…it was more just overwhelmed. Oh, and it happened not once, but twice during the hour! Oh, what a mess. I was so thankful right then that I didn’t have a dude as a masseuse!

But I thought about this experience all day. More than any other feeling like pride, or strength or accomplishment or anything else that one might normally feel after something like this, (and I’m sure that will all come eventually), all I can feel right now is gratefulness. I am grateful to SO many people in my life for their support in various ways during this training journey. And I want to thank them. So, here is my big, fat, public thank you note to everyone who helped and supported me along the way. And yeah, I’m going to call you out…(I hope I don’t miss anyone!!)

First and foremost to my husband, Mike: For supporting me during all those long run times with me gone on Saturday mornings. For listening to my running highs and lows even when he really didn’t want to. And for, yet again, spending a really long morning taking pics and cheering me on with a nine-year-old in toe. Best husband ever – I love you!

Zach: For being the proud kid that he is, being my pace car on my shorter runs and for being such a great cheerleader (and taking awesome pictures)! Love you, Zachy-B.

My parents: For cheering me on at the finish line! It kept me going knowing you both were at the end of the race!

Shirley Berthold, my mother-in-law: For almost always being the very first one to add a positive comment on my blog and cheer me up just when I needed it most.

John Ropar: For being such a great race partner and pacer for the first half of the run. It truly meant more than you’ll ever know. What a class act.

Angie Weimer: For running big portions of my two last long runs with me and for enjoying day 1 of the race weekend with me at the Expo. You rocked the 1/2, girl!! Now you gotta find a full!

Stephen Trier: For coming to find me after he ran his 1/2 yesterday AND for running with me for a couple of miles just to get me through the really rough patch. You were seriously an angel. Another class act.

Lyn Trier: For pricking holes in all my excuses that I kept trying to use when I was thinking about maybe running a marathon back in May. Lyn, it worked! Thanks for all your support!

My Weight Watcher friends and Weight Watcher fellow runners: Nancy, our amazing and fearless leader, Shannon Ross, Gillian McKnight-Tutein, Katherine Titus, Sharon Perkins, Judy Houston, Sher Shiftlett, and couples Dave and Christina Boehm and Carole and Dennis MacFarland: for their weekly support and encouragement, advice, and sometimes a swift kick in the pants (Sharon!) This is where it started – with all these fabulous people! I carried you with me for the entire race for many reasons.

Lori Mincek: For being there for me during our training season this summer. It has been fun to see you accomplish your goals and I appreciate you being such a great cheerleader for me! Don’t give up just yet on the 26.2!

Missy DelRosso: For being such a great cyber cheerleader and coach over the last 9 months or so. And for the snail mail notes (yep, some people still do that!) of encouragement you sent me right on time before the 1/2 in May and again on Friday. Plus your legs are wicked fast!

Mary Ann Hanicak: For always asking about my runs, listening to all my joys and woes and celebrating with me!

Marathoners at JCU: Tom Reilley, Mike Roeder, Lori Sprague, Father H. Paul, Tim Mauk, Derrick and *John Ropar (*see above for him!) – All these guys and gals shared their rich expertise with me in various ways and I am ever grateful to you all!

Coach Jenny Hadfield: For her practical, helpful and prompt advice and help with all my training/injury questions via facebook. She rocks!

Facebook Friends: I cannot name you all! But please know that every comment, and every word of encouragement that you shared added to my ability to achieve this goal.

Yes, it took a village to train this marathoner. And from the bottom of my heart I thank you all.

Love and Hugs,

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  1. Wow! What a support team you have! So happy that you have accomplished your goal and that I got to follow you on your journey. All those long Saturday mornings, cataloging carcasses on the roadside, have paid off. You are an inspiration to me, following in your footsteps mile-by-mile!

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