Sad Yoga

Thurs, Sept 22
Yoga at lunch

So, I almost cried today in yoga class thinking that it was my last workout before the marathon. I’m such a sap – it really is pathetic. The almost crying was a mix of feelings – fear, excitement, anticipation and sadness (about it being over soon!). I felt that same twinge of sadness at the hairdresser making my next hair cut appointment yesterday. I stopped to think about scheduling it later in the day because I would have a long run on that Saturday, and then realized that I probably wouldn’t. Ugh – that felt not good. I asked Mike what I would do on Saturday mornings and he said, “sleep in”! Like that will happen!!!

I have enjoyed this training journey so much – and also blogging about it. Sometimes I’m really not sure what I have enjoyed more – the training or the writing about the training. For me, I guess, they just go hand in hand.

Yes, I will find a new goal and that will be good. But this one has been different. This marathon training journey leading up to Saturday has been epic for me. I do really believe that the training has been the real tough journey. The marathon is just the icing on the cake – the reward. I just want to enjoy every moment.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to starting my race weekend with the Expo. I took the day off of work in order to hear some of the speakers speak (dork alert!) and just enjoy the vendors, etc. I’m going with my runner partner, Angie so that should be fun.

But first, a good night’s sleep is needed!

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