Girls Kick Butt!

Wed, Sept 21
Ran 3 miles at 6:30am
Time: 30:33; Average Pace: 10’11”

So it felt good to run early this morning. I haven’t done that in quite awhile. It was good that I did too because it rained pretty much the rest of the day so I finally missed it! I wanted to run one more time before Saturday just to remind my legs about what they need to do. They were good and ready to roll. Also, I wanted to break in my new tech shirt that my tri-athlete friend, Lori, gave to me as a good luck and thank you present. Here is a picture of it…

Just in case you can’t read the caption, underneath “Vertical Runner” it says, “Girls Kick Butt”. Why, yes….yes they do!! And I totally plan on wearing my sweet new shirt on Saturday!!

My new shirt reminds me of a football situation that occurred at last weekend’s game. Much to Zach’s chagrin, there was a girl on the team they played against. A girl!! When I saw this I felt compelled to cheer for this courageous little girl!! Being the ONLY girl on an all boys team and having to play other all boys teams – that takes courage. So I cheered (in my head) every time this girl made a tackle – and she played on both sides of the ball too – she was great! Some of the other football moms and I were all in agreement about wanting to support and cheer her on. My son, however, didn’t quite see it that way. We talked about it over lunch and the conversation went something like this…

Me: I noticed there was a girl on the other team today.
Zach: Yeah, girls CANNOT play football!
Me: Well, did she have pads on? (nod) A helmet, pants and a jersey.
Zach: Yeah
Me: Well, then, yeah, she CAN and DOES play football.
Zach: Well, she shouldn’t be able to.
Me: Sure she should. I think that is a very courageous thing to do!
Zach: Courageous? What are you talking about, mom?!
Me: To play against all those boys be the only girl on the team?
Zach: No, its not. I pancaked her.
Me: Well, yeah, you should treat her just like any other football player.
Me: (Trying from another angle). What about the fact that there are both men and women in the military?
Zach: Mom, that is different. Everyone should be able to fight for their country – it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl.
Me: (Screaming “YES!!!” in my head, hoping we are getting somewhere) Right…and….
Zach: Yeah, but this is different. This is football!!!

End of conversation for now. Hey, for now I’ll take the small victory about the military. He’ll get the courage thing next time around, maybe. Meanwhile I still maintain that “girls kick butt”. Whether you are a nine-year-old girl on an all boys football team or you are a 42 woman preparing to run her first marathon. Kicking butt and taking names…one play and one mile at a time!!!

3 thoughts on “Girls Kick Butt!

  1. Two words “Love it!” And love that you are teaching (or doing your best to) equality. And Yea for the girl on the boys team and yea for Z pancaking her. Equality is Equality!!!! Military or on the football field…good analogy, Lisa. Loads of luck on Saturday–wish I could be there to watch you cross the finish line!
    Love & Hugs

  2. Once again, you inspire & humble me… I will be cheering for you all the way down here in Louisville! Go, Lisa, go! Kick butt the whole way!

  3. You rocked before the marathon. You were courageous before the marathon. You were awesome before the marathon. After the marathon you will have kicked it up a notch and rocked your courageous awesomeness even more! You got this.

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