Groaning for yoga

Tues, Sept 20
Yoga at lunch

Today there was a good flow going on. The class was a little repetitive, but good. There is this one woman who really gets into the breathing, but not in a “normal” way for the culture of the class. I can hear her breathing out her mouth a few times and I also can hear her groan and moan sometimes which really makes me want to laugh and at the very least is sort of distracting. She also lets out a “woo!” every now and then. This would be okay in a different type of group exercise class, but for yoga that just doesn’t really work. Occasionally the instructor will ask the entire class to let out a big sigh out our mouths, or even an ohm, but that is about it. A little different, she is, but hey, more power to her, I guess!

Next up: running tomorrow. I’m in denial that this marathon thing is on Sat!!!

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