My last one…my best one!

Sat, Sept 17
Ran 6 miles
Time: 1:02:30; Average Pace: 10’25”

Great last “long” run! That is just what I needed to boost my confidence. I was really surprised at how fast I went. My first mile was under 10 min! The weather was nice and cool and I jogged a bit before stretching so those were both good things. I felt really good during the run – calves feel great too! I totally spanked that hill so that is what I needed to do too. I will probably not go as fast during the race next week – that is why it will be helpful to have my colleague pace me, hopefully!

Someone honked at me during my run which scared the crud out of me! So here is a public service announcement to all those drivers who see runners or bikers they know: we appreciate that you recognize us and want to say “hey”, but the best idea is to simply flash your lights and wave. The honking is startling and scary. The noise of the traffic in general really annoyed me today. That is what you get when you run a little later in the morning. I’m looking forward to the race route – no vehicle traffic. Just the noise of all the runners feet, the encouragement of the onlookers, my breath and my iPod.

Next up: Rest tomorrow. Run probably Mon, Wed and Thurs. Yoga whenever I can just to try to relax my overanxious brain!!!

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