Tired yoga

Fri, Sept 16
Yoga at lunch

Great class today in spite of my bad night’s sleep last night. I was tired all day today so I did not really challenge myself that much with the class. I gave myself permission to let my practice be just about “being present” today and that was tough enough. I didn’t push myself to try Amy’s challenges like I usually do. I just did my normal thing and breathed and that was enough for me. I didn’t run tonight like I originally planned because I’m just really tired.

Things are getting busier at work and I’m starting to get nervous about the race. I am down to a week from tomorrow and I’m starting to get anxious about it. Thoughts like, “who’s idea was this?” and “this is just crazy” and even “okay, I don’t want to do this anymore” have been zipping through my mind today. I find that my confidence is weakened when I’m tired. Also, I got Hal Higdon’s book in the mail today and I have read some of it and it is scaring me. Like the parts about being nauseous at the end or like the parts about the sheer pain of the last few miles. Gulp. What have I gotten myself into?! I’m not sure that I’ll read anymore of it before the race. Why stress, right? I can do this, right? I just need a good night’s sleep. Not only tonight, but all week. It is not yet 9pm and I’m already in bed. I’ve already decided that I might just use the extra bedroom so the dog doesn’t bother me this week. We’ll see.

Next up: Last “long” run – 6 miles tomorrow. Then I’ll run Mon, Wed and Thurs.

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