You Fill Up My Senses…

Thurs, Sept 15
Yoga at 6am at Yoga Lounge

Great class again today. Amy at the Yoga Lounge is always so good. One thing she is really great with is using imagery and metaphors. For example, today she talked about embracing our senses through our yoga practice: to feel our skin on the mat and to hear our breath. Throughout the class she talked about our muscles shrink wrapping around our bones and all sorts of other cool images that really help me to get into the poses better. I can actually visualize what she says and it helps me. Like in shevasana she tells us to picture ourselves as a sunken treasure sinking to the bottom of the ocean and then just resting quietly there. I tell you, this stuff works! She also does the perfect amount of talking and has a soothing voice.

I’m glad we didn’t do bridge or wheel today because my shoulders were really sore from my Tuesday class and I narrowed it down to that pose I think. We held it for longer than normal and my shoulders felt it yesterday and a bit still this am.

Next up: Run 40 minutes tomorrow and read the last minute instructions for the race on the website. Oh, and freak out! 8 days!

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