The Power of Positive Energy

Sat, July 30
Ran 8 miles
Time: 1:27:56; Average Pace: 10’59”

Today’s run was pretty good. I got a late start because I wanted to go to Weight Watchers first. I missed it last week because of my run, but this week was going to be shorter so I figured I could still get it in. That is how it is going to have to be until Race day, I think as the longer runs are every other week. It was extremely humid out there today! I managed okay, however. I didn’t even drink all my water because I paced myself. I deliberately said good morning to every runner or walker that passed me today. I was tired and hot, but I felt like if I made an effort and put out some positive energy to someone, it would come back to me and you know what? It worked!!! It made me feel good to make them smile even if just for a split second and gave me the energy to keep going. Funny how that works and would yet again, be applicable to life in general. What kind of energy will you put out there today?

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