Updated Story Line for Rod Serling

So I passed by the Borders Books that is on Howe Avenue this morning and noticed this sign.

I was immediately sick to my stomach! I think I may have heard somewhere that the Borders company was going to be closing, but something about seeing the really big signs this morning, really got to me. Now, I have to say, I support and technology as much as the next person (well as long as the next person isn’t my mom…I use it more than her!). But, I draw the line when it comes to books. I don’t want a kindle. I don’t want a nook. I don’t want to read a book on my iPad or anything with a cord. I just want my plain old book with physical pages. I like to be able to pass along actual books to friends and vice versa. I want to be able to browse in actual bookstores. Smell the new pages, maybe smell some coffee being brewed, maybe sit in a comfy chair and read a bit and just take my time to look before making my selection. I just think it is sad to see bookstores close. What is next libraries?

As I was pausing to take this picture today I started thinking more about this whole situation and I recalled a Twilight Zone episode called, “Time Enough at Last” (yeah, I looked up the title). It’s the one where the bank teller sneaks into a vault at lunchtime to read when he is knocked unconscious by a shockwave. When he wakes up he discovers that a nuclear war has destroyed the earth. He decides to commit suicide until he sees a library. This is paradise to him and he begins to organize books to read for years to come. Just as he is settling in to read, his glasses fall from his face and smash to the ground, forever trapping him in a blurry world. This episode was shown in 1959.

Well, here is the 2020 version. Bookstores and libraries are all closed; gone bankrupt because everyone has their books on iPads or other electronic readers. Life is good until the earth is invaded by aliens who cleanse the planet of all power cords. People then only have 2 hours or less of power to get all their reading done and then nothing. No more reading! Ha! Yeah, okay they could still use desktops, but who really does that anymore anyways. You get my point.

I like books and bookstores and I am sad that it is changing. End of story.

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  1. I’ve had the same thoughts–don’t want a kindle and like holding the book in my hand. There are some things technology should just stay out of. I do wonder about Barnes & Noble and libraries, etc going by the wayside. I know a number of “used book stores” that have already closed and that makes me sad.

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