Parks and Rec? No Park’s a wreck!!!

Thurs, July 28
Ran 60 minutes at 5:50am
Distance: 5.63; Average Pace: 10’40”

Well, I’m not which was harder to do this morning: run the hill up Veterans Way or see the displaced deer look around at their missing habitat and go, “what the hell!”. You see someone thought it was a good idea to put in a park (since we only have like 8 or 9 parks already in Hudson) on both sides of Veterans Way, the road the cuts through from Milford up to Rt. 91. I knew it was coming since it was in the paper and everything, but it really has hit home now since the developers have come in and basically decimated the woods and habitats that were there in preparation for this park. And it is a huge area too, very noticeable that the woods are gone…and I’m not an animal that lives in it! I mean, shouldn’t we be spending money on refurbishing or repairing the parks we already have? I mean, what would Leslie Knope say?! Okay, enough of that. I just couldn’t help myself!!

Besides being saddened by the park issue, the run was great this am! Very humid, but once I was about 5 minutes in, I was sweating and happy. I take that back, once I got out of bed (in time) and got out there I was happy!

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