Is there a pose for every animal, or what?!

Wed, July 27
Yoga at lunch

I tried a new instructor today. Since I had a lunch meeting today I was able to take my lunchbreak at 11am and go to a yoga class. It was different, but good. We did some new poses. Just when I think I’ve heard of them all, I learn a new one. I think I finally understand the format so to speak of the a typical class, if this is such a thing. I’ve noticed that they all include certain main elements, but different poses within those elements depending on the instructor. For example, we start either in child’s pose or some other inversion pose. Then we do some sort of sun salutation pose series and begin adding the flow to it (chattarunga). Then we do a series of balancing poses interspersed with resting poses. Towards the end of the class we do some hip opener poses and then finally after the “rebirth” we do my favorite: shavasana and of course end with namaste.

The new poses for me today were:

Horse – this one wasn’t difficult, just new

Frog – this one WAS pretty difficult! It was a new “hip opener” one that I had to really breathe to forget I was doing it….yeaowww!

Next up: Run in the morning

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