“Mom, these shoes run fast!”

Tues, July 26
Ran 50 minutes at 6am
Distance: 4.69 miles; Average Pace: 10’39”

What a great run this am! I tried out my new shoes – Nike Pegasus, of course
Those are ma shoes…

I did actually run faster today, but I cannot give credit to the shoes. I can give credit to the weather, however! It was about 67 degrees and lower humidity this morning. I could totally tell a difference. I didn’t feel like I was running faster, but I just felt good. I tried to run on the other side of the road – the right – but it was difficult to do. I kept thinking that a car was going to zoom up from behind me in spite of the handsome reflective vest I was wearing. I did it for about half the run, give or take and my foot feels good!

I was thankful for fences this morning as I passed one house where a dog started barking viciously that I nearly jumped out of my new shoes! His bark was serious and I was just glad that he was held back by a fence. Yikes. That was about all the animal activity I witnessed today – no deer and no dead things on the road even, save for one more little frog.

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