The Old Switcheroo…

Mon, July 25
Yoga with Rodney Yee

So I noticed a little bit of swelling in my right ankle yesterday. That ankle was definitely more stiff too. It pretty much stayed that way all day so this morning I decided to forego running and do my yoga DVD tonight and then run tomorrow instead. It worked out better anyway since I had a new person starting in my office today and needed to be there a little bit early. I have already figured out the problem with my ankle. I need to switch up the side of the road that I run on. I always run towards traffic, like you are supposed to, but after a long run, I think I have begun to notice the slight elevation difference in the road. Of course it isn’t banked like the evil track is, but it is just a little bit different after that many miles. So, my plan for tomorrow is to run on the other side of the road and just watch for cars…I’ll probably also wear my reflective vest for good measure.

Yoga tonight was great. I got home a little before 6pm and asked Mike if he could start dinner so I could do my yoga tape. I didn’t want to try to do it on a full stomach. It worked out perfectly. He had the kabobs marinated and ready to go on the grill with nice fresh vegetables and a nice big vegetable salad. It was a no stress, little work dinner after my namaste tone set by Mr. Yee. I enjoy the workout. It is a good one (I have the Power Yoga one) and I hope to eventually have a few different ones of his just to have a selection so I can mix it up. It was funny, but I was even able to get into the flow with Zach in the room. He was playing a computer game with the sound off and it didn’t bother me at all. He even chimed in once with “oh, downward facing dog!”

Next up: Run in the am before work

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