New Distance Record!

Sat, July 22
Ran 14 miles at 7am
Time: 2:39:00; Average Pace: 11’25”

So I set a new record today with my distance. Never ran 14 miles before…until now! I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty tough. I’m really glad I decided to skip my Weight Watchers meeting and start the run at 7am so I could avoid the sun. It had just stopped sprinkling when I left and was really just overcast for the entire run, but maybe about 73 degrees and very humid. Today I decided to run half-way “around the block” and then back the way I came. Basically I ran 7 miles one way, turned around and ran back home. I hadn’t really planned out the route prior to the run and I didn’t want to think about it, so I just took the easy way. Not that it was easy, mind you. I did the big hill up route 91 and some fairly decent hills throughout the route. I had to walk a few different times throughout the run, but I was actually pretty happy with my time, none-the-less. Given that my time for the half in May was 2:31…adding 8 minutes for almost another mile is not too shabby, I suppose.

I finally tried some “energy chews” during this run. I brought some with me along with my phone just in case I would need them. I had bought a few packs of different types awhile back to try in order to figure out what I might like for race day. Today I had the GU Chomps, watermelon flavor.

I had about half the package at about mile 8 or 9 and then the rest of it around mile 11. They seemed to work well…at least I felt a little boost from them I suppose. They tasted fine, just a little bit softer than a regular fruit snack, I guess. And, they didn’t make me feel sick during or after the run. Score! I had a little difficulty opening the package so I ended up jabbing it on a sign post to get it open, but that worked!

So, I’m not sure why, but today was amphibian/reptile day on my run. I saw 6 dead frogs, those cute little tiny baby ones and then 1 snake, (dead, thankfully) and not so cute. So why do I keep track of the “body count” along the way. It is just something to do, I suppose, and something to focus on rather than sweating.

I’m a little tired of the traffic along the way during my long runs. I’m thinking I want to explore a trail sometime, but I’m not sure I’d feel safe running on trails by myself. We’ll see.

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  1. Wow, you made great time! I did a trail run in West Virginia on Saturday with a friend. There were several scenic overlooks and it was just beautiful overall! It added a whole new element of having to watch out for tree limbs and rocks and took away from the actual running a little bit though.

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