Crow Pose

Fri, July 22
Yoga at lunch

Great class again today! Amy totally rocks! And yes, I had some water during class and actually drank some! And, I remembered to bring my towel. The towel made me feel less stressed about the sweating situation. Yesterday, without the towel I found myself worrying about being so sweaty and that took away from my yoga experience. I couldn’t totally relax. But today, I could just give-in to it and just whisk it away when necessary with my towel. That sounds like such a little thing, but it really isn’t, especially when you fee like you are doing yoga on the surface of the sun.

Today we did a new hip opener (can’t remember the name of it to show a pic) that was pretty good. She also taught us to do crow from a perched position (a block). Here is the pose without a block.

I have a real hard time with this one, even with the block. My knees pull on my arm skin and it just plain hurts! So, I’ll have to keep working on it. Plus I think there is just a fear there that I’ll fall on my head!

And for those keeping score, no, I did not run this am. Next week I need to do better about getting my week runs in. M, W, TH is the plan so I can have a breather before the long run.

Next up tomorrow: 14 miler. Planning to get up at 6am for my bagel and run at 7am. I’m actually hoping that we get a little rain – maybe.

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