Hump Day Run

Wed, June 29
Ran 60 minutes at 6:30am
Distance: 5.34 miles; Average Pace: 11’15”

Today’s run was pretty great…again! It was such a nice, cool morning. I felt great throughout the whole thing. I ran a bit later since I didn’t have to go into work until like 9am. It was still really beautiful with the sun just coming up as I started. The birds singing…and all of the road kill!! I did see quite a few this morning and I just cannot help but look away until after I’ve identified it (yuck)! Thankfully no cats today.

I’ve now made that body glide stuff a regular part of my running ensemble – no matter the distance. It just helps for the anti-chafe situation so hallelujah!

I wasn’t sure how my run would be since I ran yesterday too. I normally have a day in between runs, but not this week. Speaking of training, ‘m thinking of changing my training plan around a bit so I will always have a buffer in between my long Sat runs. Perhaps my regular run days will be Mon, Wed and Thurs. I’ll still do yoga on Tues and Thurs and have Fri and Sun as rest days and Sat long runs. I’m gonna try that. That way I’m still getting the same number of miles in, but not back to back with the long runs. Word.

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