On the road to recovery

Sat, May 7
Did 30 minutes on the elliptical at a level 6; Burned 266 calories

So yes, I did not do the 6 mile run that was on my training program schedule today. The general consensus from everyone I talked to, facebooked and chatted with said not to, so I didn’t, but to cross-train instead with the elliptical or spinning instead.

I have to say that the elliptical was a pretty good workout! I haven’t done one in quite awhile so it took a few seconds to remember how to use the machine. I had no idea what level to put it on so I just guessed and I definitely felt like I got a good workout. The sweat factor was pretty high! I also enjoyed the fact that I had no pain, whatsoever in my calf muscles – SCORE! That hasn’t happened in a long time too…different muscle groups for sure! After I was done I did an ab circuit. Many have told me that I should continue to make sure my core is strong. I did 60 butterfly kicks and 60 bicycles (broken up 30 and 30) and then finished with a one-minute plank. I stretched before and after the workout as well. My calf feels pretty good – not normal, but much better.

My plan is to rest tomorrow and just see how I feel on Monday. I will either try to run a short distance or continue to cross train on Monday. One day at a time this week. What I do know for sure is that I’ll be downtown a week from tomorrow celebrating!!


Thurs, May 5

So, on my training schedule there was supposed to be 35 minutes of cross training today. It was going to be swimming since bootcamp is done. However since my calf injury seems to be giving me trouble I decided to skip it. I might have been okay, but I’m like paranoid now. My friend reassured me that I’d be okay even if I didn’t run again until race day so I felt relieved. I told myself that I would take four days completely off- through Sunday, but that is going to drive me crazy, I think! I already feel like a slug and disappointed that i had to veer from my training program. But I just have to remember then end goal…I want to make sure my legs are ready for the race…just be patient and remember I don’t have to be perfect or have a perfect training program. It is what it is. We’ll see. One day down…..

Humping and Jumping!

So, the tales of the new puppy continue! Today’s story includes an episode of the oh, so delightful humping activity that usually accompanies a new puppy at some point as well as some other new “skills” that Henry has been learning.

As I was playing a game of fetch with Henry and his big tennis ball, I noticed that his paws are really strong and mentioned how well he does with grabbing my hand/arm with his paws. To this Zachary replied, “yeah, mommy, he always grabs onto my legs really hard too and doesn’t let go!” At first I didn’t think anything of this until Mike whispers says to me out of Zach’s earshot, “he was trying to hump him!” Oh, my gosh. We were cracking up then! Zach has no idea, obviously what this is all about, which makes it funnier! Henry has also gotten quite enamored with his bed and probably Zach’s stuffed lion, as well.

Cut to his other new skills. So, this week we actually had cupcakes in the house – thanks to it being the last week of classes and my desire to make some treats for my students’ last meeting. I knew I would be criticized big time if I didn’t make some for my boys too, so I did. They are so giddy when they actually get baked goods that don’t have black beans in them!! Well, yesterday Mike was about to eat one of these delicious treats when the doorbell rang. He left the container open on the counter to go answer the door. He stepped outside for a minute to talk with a contractor (you know where this is going, don’t you?) and when he came back in the three cupcakes that were left were gone – wrappers and all! Oh, Henry! Yes, he has discovered that he is big enough to jump up to reach the counter and help himself to dessert! So, we were on the lookout last night and today for the possible consequences of the consumption of that little snack.

So, yes, Henry is developing quite a list of skills. I hate to even guess what will be next, but I’ll be sure to share it!!!

Hopeful in Hudson

Wed, May 4
Ran 40 minutes lunch
Distance: 3.63 miles; Average pace: 11’04”

Okay, so I’m officially hurting. After my run today my right calf was really hurting. I’ve had calf pain basically throughout my training, but this is different. It all started because of the blasted indoor track I just know it! The track is banked up on the outside so the whole time you are running, your outside leg is up higher slightly than the other. What some people do to compensate for this is run halfway one direction and then switch so it is even. I didn’t do that because I didn’t think it was that big of a deal and also I never want to disturb the walkers that are up there. You know how compassionate I am towards others on the track (ha,ha)! Well, I’ll give you one guess as to which calf hurts…yep, the one that was on the outside! I can push one one specific place where it hurts on the inside of my right calf.

Anyways, now the question is what do I do going forward in my training? I am going to run on May 15! That is not debatable! I’m just not sure if and how I should alter the rest of my training to make sure I am prepared enough for the race and at the same time I’m not going to further injure myself. I asked some runner friends today at work about it with mixed feedback. One said to keep going as usual. One said to cut the runs in half and the other said to talk to one of the athletic trainers about it. I’m icing it right now and I plan to try and talk with a trainer tomorrow. The rest of my training schedule looks like this:

Tomorrow-swimming (which I’m thinking is probably okay to still do)
Fri-run 35 min, which I’m intending to skip
Sat- 6 mile run (which I’m now scared to do)

Next week:
Mon- 40 min run
Tues- cross train swim 30 min
Wed- 35 min run
Thurs-cross train swim 30 min
Sat- run 15 min

I’m being very specific about this in case some of my more experienced runner friends can give me some advice about how to proceed. Any advice would be most welcome!!

Yoga to the Rescue!

Tues, May 3
Yoga at noon

I so needed that! This class was taught with a different instructor and she was really good. I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but it moved at a faster pace, but yet was harder and the poses were held longer. I actually sweat quite a bit during class…not shower-worthy, but definitely a redo of deodorant and perfume. Plus I got a rubdown too – bonus! I’m getting better at learning the poses and holding them longer – better balance, better strength and most importantly more stretching! I’ll be back on Friday for sure!!!

The pool is cool!

Tues, May 3
5:30am – 35 minutes of swimming at Life Center

Wow – swimming is definitely awesome exercise! I broke in my new suit this morning bright and early. The lifeguard offered me goggles which was great since I didn’t have any. I alternated strokes between the breast stoke, side stoke and freestyle. i started counting laps when I started, but totally lost count. Next time I want to figure out a way to track them because that would be good to know. I figured there would be like one person there at that hour – wrong! There were 3 other woman already swimming when I arrived and a bunch more going in the pool when I left. More hard core people – I love it!

I haven’t swum since last summer and haven’t swum freestyle in probably years! It felt really good and was a great workout. I stopped midway through to rest a minute and then continued on. My schedule said 35 minutes of cross training so that is what I committed to doing in the pool, but whoa that was hard. I caught myself checking the clock after like 10 minutes! But, I did it. My muscles felt good and tired afterward. My right calf has a little bit of an issue, but I’ll work through that with yoga today, hopefully. I blame that track. Stupid track…

When the going gets tough, the tough keep running!

Mon, May 2
Noon – Ran 45 minutes on the indoor track at JCU
Distance: 4.03 miles; Average Pace: 11’11” mile

So I knew I wasn’t going to get up early today…a rainy Monday following my longest run to date – not happening. So, my plan was to run outside at noon. It just looked yucky out at noon and I just didn’t feel like dealing with wet today, plus I had a score to settle with the indoor track so up I went! Last time I ran the indoor track I had to stop after like 5 minutes and walk and I felt so defeated. So, yes I could not let that track have the last word.

I’m not gonna lie – like all my Monday runs it sucked at the start. So much so that I was thinking about only doing half of it today. However, after about 22 minutes in, like usual, magic happened and my legs felt MUCH better. Then, I played a little game with myself for the last half. I mean it is so boring running the “oval from hell” that you have to do something to keep your sanity! I kept thinking that I could stop just after 35 minutes, but then I extended it to 40 minutes and then I only had 5 more minutes to go and I could totally do that! So, I ended up completing the whole workout as originally scheduled.

In yo face track! You’re not the boss of me.